Monday, September 10, 2007

Super custom car seat blanket

This blanket is the next step up from my other 2 car seat blankets. Tho this one is multi purpose:) . It will also work well in a stroller. After the baby is buckled into the car seat (or stroller) you just slide the blanket up and over their legs, pull up to chest and slip around back of neck. It does not hook into the buckle, but cannot be kicked off by the baby. There is plenty of room in the foot pouch for kicking, but their legs will be toasty warm. The blanket is plenty wide for tucking in down the sides. A pocket is sewn onto the front for the favorite stuffed friend, rattles, small toys, etc. See picture of the pocket below. The blanket is made of 2 strands of yarn held together for extra warmth, and can be machine washed and dried.
This is what the baby in the blanket looks like from underneath while in the seat. The legs are completely in the pouch.
A close up of toys in the pocket on the front of the blanket.

Then, after baby is too big for the blanket and into the toddler seat, simply hang this blanket on the wrong side on the back of a seat in your vehicle and the kids have a large pocket to store their toys, books, stuffed friends!


Lesalicious said...

Hi came across your blog. Love your blog. Love your recent projects with the car seat blanket so cute. :) great job:) Son is a cutie pie:)

DawnSierra said...

Genius! :D

Suni said...

omg how precious and functional!

Cassie Norton said...


im just wondering do u have a pattern so others can do this great project. thanks

Barb Desaulnier said...

Where can I find the pattern for the car seat blanket with toy storage pls tia

Carol Sims said...

Good Morning Nancy, I found you custom car seat blanket on Pinterest but it does not take me to a link for the pattern just your blog.

Could you tell me where to find the actual pattern for it? I want to make one for our new great grandchild coming in December.

Any help with this will be so appreciated.

Carol Sims