Sunday, March 16, 2014

Poncho Photos

Here are MUCH better photos of my Lucy ponchos FINALLY! The first one here, the rainbow colors I did in all dc, (American terms) so there were less rows than Lucy's. I realized she seems to like doing hdc on her things, and that would work much better giving the poncho more rows = more room to stretch! So, I did another....

 Only this one has a booboo in it somewhere...and the whole thing got messed up:(
 you see it on straight at the neckline......
 But then the bottom on both front and back twist off to the side! And it IS very noticable! It looks as tho I'd have to rip a good half of it to fix it....but I'm not gonna bother with it.

The colors look much better in person than this photo. There is no tan as it looks like here, it's actually dark gray. The white looking color is light blue.