Saturday, November 20, 2010

Craft Bazaar Find & White Circles

I found this knitted cowl (is it?) with a twist at a local holiday craft bazaar. It stood out to me because of the nice green shades with the brown. I also love the knitted pattern on it even tho I hate to knit :)White circles. I had made a bunch of various sized white circles to make snowmen, and when I started putting them together I didn't like the way they looked. I actually made some of these last xmas, and got mad at how they looked so I packed it up and put it all away until the following year, which is now. So I tried again and still didn't like them. there had to be something else I could do with them.......
So I weaved a strand of scrap yarn through each round twice, over and under each dc, and did a border around with a hanging loop and ended up with some nice tree ornaments!

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glor said...

These are adorable. How great that you saved them.