Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crochet A Rainbow!

As many of you know the floods in Australia have destroyed many homes and left many people with nothing. Sarah London has a project going to help these people by crocheting granny squares to put together into afghans. It's called Crochet A Rainbow and you can find out all the details in that link.

Let's see how many we can all make!!!!!! I'm getting started today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Rainbows:)


Fiff said...

Hi there! It's a good idea, the squares for a good cause. But I wanted to tell you that I made a christmas tree out of your pattern, you can see it here :

I've also linked to your pattern, so my swedish friends can make one for themselves. By the way, are you planning to update crochetprojects around the world soon? It's such a good idea I think!

annielizabeth said...

Hi Nancy, I noticed I had a new follower so I came to say hi and follow you, too! I've looked around a bit at your blog and my fave color is all the purples to lavender colors esp. with green as I saw your fave is purple. I too, have way too many plants. Do you like African Violets?

I love your xmas tree in white and want to make one soon. Thanks for sharing your pattern, that was very sweet of you. I haven't been crocheting long so I hope I can figure it out. You could put the pansies on a barrette with some ribbon. They would be so pretty for Easter. Have a terrific wknd! Sending warmth your way, Annie

Esther said...

It's a great idea indeed!! Sent an e-mail to Sarah, but she hasn't responded yet. Hope she'll sent me the address soon... as I have maaaany squares waiting to be sent to her!!
Great that you're supporting this too!
(BTW, love your blog and Etsy!!)

Clara said...

A fantastic charity.