Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's all fixed and done! And thank you all so much for the comments and suggestions on how to fix it!
Of the 3 panels, I had 25 full shells on one, 26 on the 2nd, and 27 on the 3rd! So first thing I tried was adding on the missing shells. I figured if that didn't work, I'd scrap it till another day (or year). But that worked out great! Very hard to tell where I added on, and a non crocheter would probably not be able to tell.
Worst part was all the added ends I had just for adding that little bit on 2 panels! it is!!!!!!
I did a zigzag to connect the panels because it just looked really neat :)
The pattern is not mine, it is from Red Heart "Choice Afhgans" Art J17 Book 0701. It is very small and only has 4 afghan patterns in it. I picked it up maybe 7 years ago in a variety store. I've made that pattern 3 times now, once in purples and black, you can find it here , just scroll down a bit, and the other I made is in 3 shades of sage greens and tan. I did get it put together finally but never finished but you can see that one here , last one on the page.

The pattern works up pretty fast. This last one I did I made bigger panels. I've been wanting to do a blue one.....and maybe a rainbow one.....someday :):):)


pinkfluffywarrior said...

I wouldn't have been able to tell that there had been a problem.
It's lovely

Happy in red said...

Oh, it's beautiful! Congratulations. It's great that you managed to fix it, the pattern is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I love the purple and black versions!!!!!!
Glad you found your mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I saw this on iCrochet. It caught my eye instantly.
It's beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.

Well done!


CrochetBlogger said...

Great job! Glad you were able to fix it.

Merry Makes.. said...

It looks great! Well done for not giving up on it and having the determination to see it through.

I particularly like the zig-zag panel seam you've used, it's quite decorative in this piece :)

Donna said...

Nancy your links worked fine!!! Your Blog is Beautiful!!!! I have NEVER blogged before...I tried FB for 5 mins and got outta there...THAT place is drama nightmare!!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING and want to buy it fact I see I have bought quite a bit of it!!!LOL!!!!! I must be a Nancy Groupie!!!!!!You are SOOOOO Fortunate to love what you do and make money from it!!!! You have many blessings in that department!!!!!!!~~~Donna