Friday, August 5, 2011

Some New Things, and Ebay

If anyone is selling items on Ebay, and you want to put the listing on your blog, just like your Etsy shop is if you have one, then keep reading. I spent 2 days searching how to do this and found nothing that made any sense until this morning. I found a youtube video that walks you through it very simply! At the same time, have your blog window open and ready, and another site. This whole process will take just a few minutes. Ready? First, open your blog where you want the feed to go. Then, go to feed2js and open this site in another window. Then, you need to open in another window this video on youtube. Follow the video instructions and you'll be up and running in no time!!!

I've been working on some new items, and trying to reduce my cotton yarn stash some. I had the perfect colors for a watermelon set, seedless of course :)

 Some flower coasters
 A new paw print design


Crissi said...

oh it's very nice,
greetings Crissi

vikki said...

thanks for the info!! I just love the watermelon coasters.

*Manja* said...


Marla said...

How Pretty Nancy! I love the colors- wish I had that pattern to do a rug out of. Have you tried these? I'm working on one now- if it comes out nice I may do some for my Etsy shop. Pressed hard for time lately.

by Teresa said...

Congrats on getting your eBay stuff on your blog! I have an Etsy shop but have not sold a darn thing on it for the last 4 months it was up, so I lowered prices and put them back up... no success yet. Hope you sell lots!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)