Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Stockings & Stocking Plant Hanger :)

Isn't this neato? :) I was sitting at the dinner table one night, looking at the stockings I had just made hanging on the calendar in the kitchen, (Yes, the one that is still on Febuary :)) And looking at a crochet plant hanger I made at another window, and thought, "Why not make a Christmas stocking that is also a plant hanger!?!?" So, upon waking at 3:00am the next morning, after dreaming of stocking plant hangers, :), I made it! Doesn't it look great?? I think a different plant might look better in it, but I just had to show off my Christmas Cactus blooming.
     Umm....ignore the orange spider web, and orange painted turtle :) There must be a 4 year old around here somewhere....:)
 Isn't the cactus beautiful? Only one side is blooming, the other side has a couple tiny buds. Strange.

 If anyone would like the pattern for this planter stocking, I did amazingly write it down at 3am when I was making it! Most of it anyway. If anyone is interested, leave a comment saying so and I'll type it up. It can be used as a regular stocking too. The stocking part is about 13 inches with an H hook, and with the hanger part it's around 26 inches long.
 These are two more stockings I made from a different pattern. I wanted some large stockings just for wall decorations. I love these colors! These babies are 32 inches long!!!!
 This one was in a crochet magazine from last year, I forget which one.....if you'd like to know leave a comment and I'll find it for you. This is forest green with red centers, and light green trim. I love that color combo! And this one measures 30 inch!
 Hmmm...someone needs to fix that calendar...


Debi Y. said...

That's really a cute idea. :)

by Teresa said...

Love your lacy stocking! I made some that I'm going to show on my blog, as soon as I find them in the decoration boxes!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Crissi said...

It's very nice idea!!
Ciao Crissi

Monique said...

That is such a great idea! I would like to have the pattern.

I have also 3 christmas cactus a white, a red and a pink one. They are looking beautiful.

Have a nice day,

Marion said...

Dear Nancy,

I would be very happy if I can rework this pattern! I crochet your Christmas tree last year and this year, once for a friend. If you like you can see the tree from this year here in my blog:

Your new pattern is so incredibly beautiful, just great!

Thank you so much for sharing and send you many Greetings,

melsdaisypatch said...

Would loved to have the pattern for the big stockings They are too cute.

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

I'd love to have the pattern for the stocking plant hanger. That's awesome Nancy! Thank you much! Stay warm!!

crocheted at home said...

Very cute. I liked

Crocheteando said...

Wow! Love them all!. I'll be really happy to have this pattern!
Just in case you need it, here you are my e-mail: crocheteando.carmen@gmail.