Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beaded Plant Hangers

Something new I've been working on lately. An idea my mom did many years ago that got my interest on a recent visit back home.

I have not crocheted much all summer (and that's a first in over ten years!!!) But I have been making ALOT of macrame plant hangers and they are selling like hot cakes :) in my Etsy shop. Just yesterday I added some of the new beaded hangers and one sold right away. I love making these.


Anonymous said...

is there any way u could email me the patterns for these plant hangers.. i would love to mske them for my mom.. thank you sarahcreasman@gmail.com130

Mariya said...

They are really beautiful. A couple of years ago I bought some made of little shells... Did you make them just free-style or do you have a pattern?