Friday, September 20, 2013

My First Thread Doily

I attempted my very first doily with thread. I could never work with thread before, or a hook that small, wasn't that bad! I used a 2.75mm hook and Bernat size 5 thread. The pattern was messed up though, errors! The last two rows just did not make sense so I had to wing it. Came out ok. You can see in the one photo the  doily picture. I printed that free pattern online. Now I need to find some more!


Lisa said...

That's a cute doily. I wish you a nice weekend.


Crissi said...

Very nice!
Hugs Crissi

Charlotte Huffman said...

Looks great! Now try using size 10 thread and a size 7 (1.65mm) hook. Loads of free patterns on and Pinterest. I love working with thread and you will too.

Margot1belge said...

Sweet doily, nice colors, and so well crocheted! You have won your goal, and now you will feel free to makes others, and also Irish crochet.
Like you I prefer to crochet with crochet higher than 2 MM, but I have done some and came out fine.

Merci for sharing

Gramma Rita said...

Looks great! I actually prefer thread over yarn. Love making doilies. I use #10 thread, and use a #4 hook. A lot of ladies use #7 with that size of thread, but I like my trusty #4. It's all a matter of preference, I'm sure. :)

Heldasland said...

Wow, wonderful work I love dollies