Sunday, February 16, 2014

My "Lucy Home Poncho"

If you all check Lucy's blog at Attic24, you saw her absolutely gorgeous Home Poncho she made. Well I just HAD to make one! Got a little bored making thread doilies for 6 months and needed a good project to work on and this was it:) Back on yarny stuff for now at least. So this was my practice one, making it just from her gorgeous photos. Thete is no pattern for it as of yet and no promise of one according to her post, so you just have to wing it!!!


Crissi said...

Nice day

Lorna said...

You have done a great job - your poncho is lovely.

Gramma Rita said...

Your poncho is so pretty! I'd say you winged it quite nicely. :)

Erika Schindler said...

I agree with the other two comments and say you winged it pretty well. Love all that color. It is certainly eye candy. Fantastic job.
Thanks for sharing,

Roberta Granada M. Bortoluzzi said...

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