Monday, September 12, 2011

Julia Jacket from Crochet Today (update)

It's getting there! All I have is those 2 pictures I printed out to make it from. It's going to be in the next issue of Crochet Today . Before I saw this link, I had no idea what size it would be, and I am using an "I" hook. Their instructions say to use a "J" hook. I can always add on if it's not long enough. 

There is a row I could not figure out, the next row above the solid red/pink. I tried and tried and could not get it to match. I don't know what stitch is used, so I just made do and continued on! 

I still need more around those 8 squares, then I'll join the top back to the bottom back part, then the arm sleeves and all the border. This sure is taking alot of white yarn! BTW,  I am using Soft White, Light and Dark Aqua, and Raspberry Pink. I love those colors together!


Leah said...

Oh wow - it is looking amazing!! Can't wait to see the finished product. You are so clever!

Crissi said...

which is a nice jacket, great colors
Greetings Crissi

Grandma Beth said...

Good Morning, I usually check in every couple of days but have been away visiting my daughter and grandchildren. She just moved and had no internet, as yet. Verizon was on strike when they moved. So I went cold turkey, no computer for over a week. Just catching up now on all I've missed. I love this jacket you are making. I can't believe how amazing you are to make something from just a photo. I can't wait to see pics of your finished sweater jacket. I wouldn't even think of tackling anything like this without the pattern. Way to go!

Pickle Lily said...

This looks amazing! So much work involved.
Jo x

by Teresa said...

I can't wait to see that all done and hope you model it for us! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)