Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ok, I signed up for Blogfrog. I have no idea what it is or does. It's probably a little like Twitter, which took me about 5 years to understand :) I've now got a Blogfrog widget over to the right on my sidebar, if you know what it is or have it, maybe you can join mine or add me, I have no idea, lol. One of these days I'll figure it out. :):):)

Update on the *new* blogger....I guess it depends on which new template you pick how screwed up you get. I had originally picked the first one, which shows all of your blog pictures, and neatly lists the blog updates by date, in a really neat and easy to see way. but there was nothing else. My blog title picture that took me 3 hours to learn how to make was gone, and everything on my right sidebar was also gone. So I changed to another template, and whalla! Everything was back in place. So I have a nice fall scene for my template, and I have Blogfrog, whatever it is.

Looks like a warm, possibly sunny day here in New York, maybe I'll get to crochet outside today!


vikki said...

I have looked at it..tried using the "new and improved" blogger. Hate it and changed back after I couldn't get to my bloglist..I wish they would leave things alone. Even Etsy is changing, but I haven't been there long enough to really know any different. People don't mind change, they just resist being changed.

Crissi said...

Soooooooo "sweet"!!!
Greeting Crissi