Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crochet finds!

I am trying the "new" blogger. I knew nothing about it until reading about it on another crochet blogger's blog. So I had to go see for myself. Apparently, it'll happen within 2 weeks whether we like it or not. So...I might as well get used to it. It might be fun :) I still have no idea where my followers list is, or my blog roll of favorites I visit daily, or all of my other stuff. It must be here somewhere.....if you find it let me know where, ok? :)

 So.....onto crochet!  I found these things at a local rummage sale. Can you believe they were just 10 cents or twenty five cents a piece??? This lid cover/doily is done in thread, and fits perfectly over my yarny scraps jar!

 Somebody thought this was a cape!'s a tree skirt obviously.
 This nice cotton crochet brand new! And only 10 cents. What an insult to a crocheter huh? It's in good hands now ;)

 This isn't crochet.....I just liked it for the fabric patchwork.
Back to blogger....need to figure all this new stuff out :)

Ok, 20 minutes later and I found how to get rid of that "dynamic view" page, and found all MY stuff! I liked that newer version, but everything else was gone! Ugh, I hope it don't change anymore than I have it now!


by Teresa said...

You are brave to try the new layout.. I'm skeered! :-)

What wonderful things you got at the rummage sale, lucky!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The Garden Bell said...

I just found this out today too. I'm playing with it a little. I have to load that google chrome thing and am not sure I'm liken' it all yet. We shall see. I will be back to see what you have figured out. Great blog, new follower.