Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter & Dress Form

If you shop regularly at Joann's, you know they had a big sale over this past weekend. So I went there looking for a dress form, hoping to use a 50% off coupon and 25% off total purchase! Well, they were on sale, so now I can't use coupons. But they were $100 off, so $259. is now $159. Na, still too much to spend. so I'm walking around the clearance isle, and there it was....a dress form box, on clearance! But why?? It was marked down 75% off and said $65. I opened the top and checked to see if the main body part was there, lol and it was. I don't know much else about them, so thought it was ok for $65 bucks. Well, at the register, it came up $43.! Couldn't believe it! $259. down to $43. Gosh, there must really be something wrong with it. Oh well, it's mine now.

 So as you can see, it looks fine! The stand, and it's legs were all there, the pole and all adjustable thingys were there, and it all works fine. Has a pin cushion on top too. So nothing was wrong with it! what a deal I got! I did see a paper in the box saying that a package of accessories was not included, like pins, tape measure, threads, etc. So I guess that was what's missing. Oh well, I won't miss them, lol
 So I put a shirt on her, and stuffed the sleeves with quilt batting rolled up, tried some of the shawls I've made on her, and it looks great!

 These two are my favorites so far. I'm working on another fav :) but you'll have to wait till next week to see it. I'm leaving for Pennsylvania tomorrow until next Tuesday. So, I won't be blogging until then. I hope everyone has a very Hoppy Happy Easter!


Vikki Hooks said...

What a great find!! Enjoy your trip.

Wendy said...

what a steal! I'd love a dress form. No idea why, but I would!

Tammy Drouillard-Jozwiak said...

Lucky you, the shopping fairies were smiling down!

Reme said...

Hola, veo que te gustan mucho los chales y las mantas a crochet, a mi tambien, au que no son creaciones mias, todo esta sacado de revistas japonesas , son geniales, espero que veas algunos en mi blog, enhorabuena, un saludo