Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blues Ripple & Snow

I finished this ripple baby blanket yesterday for my son's teacher who is due April 5th. She is having a boy :) if you haven't guessed. I used soft navy, royal, light periwinkle and light blue with white in between.
 I wish you could rearrange pictures before you post them, they come up scrambled half the time and out of order!

Here is some snow for you folks with none! We have too much! You might be able to see the deer at the top of the hill.

 Nothing but snow and gray skies, everyday. Looking forward to spring...oh, it is spring. Ugh.
 And my horse Willie looking over to say HI!


pattas said...

brrr it looks so cold... but thankfully the baby blanket will keep the little one warm.. :))

Wendy said...

oh it's just lovely! Gorgeous colours.

P.s., did you know you've got word verification on?

~Niki~ said...

beautiful. i've tried ripples many times but lose count LOL

Nicoleta Mihaela said...

Hy Nancy! Love this blanket! I made one like this, only the colors are different. I'm a new follower from Italy. I would love if you visit my blog to. Bye! Bye!