Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Studio

Wow! Two posts in the same day....I'm doing pretty good! Thanks for the comments on my post below, it's nice to see the familiar names again :)
 I thought I'd share where most of my work is done, my Studio! I can't figure out how to rearrange pictures once I add them, so they are kind of mixed up, but that's ok, we'll work with it!

This is a 33 foot camper I bought last summer. It needed cleaning, and cleaning out! The roof needed sealing because it had major water leaks. I replaced a few things, added my own touch, and one large jar for a water leak in the back upper cabinet, and I was set.

We all have those items we create, and never know what to do with, so I hung some of mine up. I still have lots more! Just not enough space:) And yes, that's a Thomas Train setup for my son:)

 This is the back bedroom, which is my storage room. My big ole bookcases are here, and 2 dressers which are in the picture below the yarn. These dressers came with the camper, and I painted them with leftover paint I had.
 One of my yarn stashes:)
 One dresser is filled with crocheted odd and ends, scrap balls, fabric rolls to be crocheted, etc. The other has other craft stuff in.
 And this is the camper's bathroom:) That little shower space makes for good storage area!
 My workdesk that I found at a local business out for garbage! It's in perfect shape, with 4 nice drawers. It only weighs about 400lbs! It was fun trying to get it into my Blazer by myself too! And, my sewing machine.
 View from the backroom. there really is alot of space in these campers. And alot of light too with windows all around and 4 big sky lights that also open. To the right in the picture above is the two bench seats and fold out table which also converted to a single bed. I took all that out recently to make more room. I want to take the kitchen area out too, but it's a big job by myself.
 A few of my macrame plant hangers I've made.
 Here is my studio!
 This is the kitchen area, and you can see more of my yarn storage cabinets. All the upper cabinets in here have yarn in, or projects I started as long as 10 years ago. I really should finish them.
And the other side. I haven't been out there much this winter, and if you live in upstate NY you know how cold it's been! I do have a heater out there but it's still cold. Now I have my 600 watt stereo out there too, so that camper will soon be rockin' to the beat of my crochet!!! :):):)


Arte Mãos Dadas said...

hi! a have a trailer like you
and i dream of living there, in a nice touristic city, but i don't have space for my stash, my crochet and my life (food, clothes etc) in there
if you want you can come visit me

Gramma Rita said...

Awesome go, girl! :D I have a craft room, which right now I'd never share a picture of it. Talk about a mess. I am slowly trying to get it organized. The task seems overwhelming most days. LOL

Monique said...

Wow, I really like your studio. All that place just for you and your hobby. Fantastic.

Have a great weekend,

Dona Prudencia said...

Maravilhoso, fantástico!