Saturday, January 25, 2014

All My Favorite Doilies

Here are some more of my favorite doilies:)
 These little pink and green ones are small at 4-6 inches. Would make cute coasters I'd imagine.

 My Valentine doily below is in a very nice treasury on Etsy called My Funny Valentine if you'd like to see more awesome Valentine things!
 This purple one was one of my favorites:) It already sold and is probably in Hawaii by now...just where I wish I was. these New York temps of Minus 20 are not very fun...unless you crochet:)

 This blue and cream one is my newest, same as the last photo of a white, turquoise and red one. The pattern is in one of the new Crochet magazines out, maybe Crochet World? If anyone wants to know which one just message me and I'll find it! I love this pattern. It uses TRTR, which are fun!

 This one is huge! 24 inches I think..
 The rainbow one below is my own creation. Still working on blocking it, still crooked I see:) It started as a circle granny square, and went into pineapples. I was going to keep going on it, see how big I'd go, but was nearing the end of the thread and realized I didn't have anymore of the color. Wasn't making a trip to Hobby Lobby just for that!
 I love these colors together! Not finished with this yet, still needs blocking.


homeschooljewelrymom said...

They're all very pretty :-) I've been thinking about making some doilies lately.

Gramma Rita said...

They're all beautiful! Love the rainbow one that you made up yourself! Also, the one from Crochet World. I saw that one and thought about making it, but didn't. Now that I see how pretty yours turned out, I just might have to! Not so sure about the trtr though. That's a lot of pulling through. LOL

Pammy Sue said...

Love all the doilies, especially the purple pineapples! So pretty! I can see why it sold. How fun to know one of your doilies lives in Hawaii now!

Crissi said...

So beautiful works!
Hugs Crissi

Lorna said...

Your doilies are gorgeous - I especially like the granny one - I do love grannies.

Lisa said...

Beautiful doilies.


y8 said...

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